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Book Review — “Fight, Flight or Freeze: A Love Story”

Photo: Mindy Lawrence

“I instinctively reached for the grieving man and placed my left hand on his right shoulder. The man, with no idea who was behind him beyond a sympathetic figure, placed his left hand over mine and tightly squeezed.” - Jim Enderle

This is a book about winning, losing, and running away. The story is powerful. Jim Enderlie is a wonderful writer who pours his heart and soul into this work about found love, parental loss, and hope.

Enderlie holds your interest. He warms your heart with how he and his wife Cindy met and developed their relationship. He is also blatantly honest about how war affected his life and almost caused him to end it. Were it not for therapy, he might not be writing this wonderful book.

Fight, Flight or Freeze demands your attention and merits your applause.

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