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Blue Cheese and the Corner House Sandwich Shop

My daughter Carmel and I a wonderful time at Arts on Main in Van Buren, Arkansas, today. Historian and Foodie Tom Wing and Sandwich Shop owner Linda Mankins shared the history of the Corner House Sandwich Shop…well-known to Fort Smith natives of the era. They also shared some of the yummy recipes Linda used during her time at the Sandwich Shop. She made it look easy to create her blue cheese and olive sandwich spread, German Potato Salad and the fancy dancy cherry dessert. For a non-cook like me, it’s always fun to see how old favorites are made. And just because I don’t cook doesn’t mean I don’t eat. Lunch was tasty and interesting for folks who didn’t live here during the Sandwich shop’s heyday. My sister Micki remembers it fondly though and I pigged out for her since she couldn’t join us.

Turns out though that there will be at least two more events for those of you who couldn’t make it today. Keep your eyes peeled for dates.

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