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Author Chats and Sea Days

On our upcoming Cruise through the Panama Canal, we will have some wonderful authors and photographers on board with us. Interestingly, we all do things differently. So every sea day, we will gather and discuss technique. I know, I know…as I said..we create differently…but are we so locked into own perspectives that we can’t be inspired by the next author over? I learn from others all the time…and work with others all the time to keep my mind open to new possibilities. And I am eager to learn from painters, photographers, poets, mystery writers, action novelists, etc. Sooo…on sea days, those of us on board will be gathering to discuss these general topics:

January 22, Getting to Know You and Your Techniques1pm - 5pm

January 23, Author Tools, Tuesday, 1pm - 5pm

January 24, Finding Your Topic, 1pm - 5 pm

January 28, Plotting, Sunday, 1pm - 5pm

January 30, Creating Characters, Tuesday, 1pm-5pm

January 31, Action Scenes, Wednesday, 1pm-5pm

February 2, Love Scenes: Blatant or Subtle?, Friday, 1pm-5pm

February 3, Suspense, Saturday, 1pm - 5pm

February 4, Using Environment, Sunday, 1pm-5pm

February 5, Monday, Choreographing Fight Scenes, 1pm-5pm

Now remember. We are on Vacay and these are things we do for fun! It’s in our DNA. We will record some of our conversations and post them on the blog. We’ll also discuss questions or ideas you all at home might want to toss out for us to record and post. We might do it as video or maybe just voice recordings in some cases.

Authors at home, send us questions or challenges. That would make for some awesome conversations. And as we are gathering for this cruise in the next weeks, we are taking trains, planes and automobiles to get there. And hopefully we’ll start posting from all over the place as we do. As you at home get ideas and want to put together a poem, essay, drawing or short story for the anthology for this adventure, please do participate. Send your creations to me or post here.

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