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An Update to AP Style: LGBTQA TO LBGTQ+ from Copyediting-L

Amy Wilson via 11:26 AM (9 hours ago) to Copyediting-L Hi friends, Remember a week or so ago when I asked the list about "LGBTQA" and how to properly style it for a corporate statement, and I decided to go with "LGBTQ+"? Thought you'd all like to know that the Associated Press has just caught up. At the recent ACES conference, they announced they were updating their Stylebook entry from "LGBTQ" to "LGBTQ+." Here's the update: LGBTQ+ (revised to add the + sign) - Acceptable in all references for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and/or questioning, plus other sexual and gender minorities. Fewer or additional letters can be used to be more inclusive or in quotations and names of organizations and events, such as LGBT or LGBTQIA. I stands for intersex, and A typically stands for asexual (a person who doesn't experience sexual attraction). Use of LGBTQ+ is best used as a collective adjective: Walters joined the LGBTQ+ business association. Avoid using LGBTQ+ to describe individuals, and don't default to LGBTQ+ if discussing a more specific population: a bisexual advocacy group, a transgender health program. I know not all Stalks use AP style (it’s our house manual at my company), but it’s always interesting to keep tabs on how various standards-keepers are doing things. Have a fabulous weekend -- Amy Amy Wilson, Ph.D. | Senior Corporate Communications Strategist | Coherent | M: +1-724-822-7372

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