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12 Cruise Ship Cabins to avoid

Choose your cabin wisely…especially when you are sailing on a longer cruise! Things to consider:

  1. Do you want to see and hear the ocean? The answer to that question will impact whether you want a room with a view of the ocean or not.

  2. Are you traveling with children? If you are, you have several options: A suite with multiple rooms and baths, a balcony cabin, a cabin with a window and an adjourning second room, or maybe an inside window with a connected second cabin.

  3. Are you sensitive to noise above or below your cabin or from the next door cabin or an adjourning cabin? Make sure to work with a cruise line representative to get the perfect spot for you

  4. If you have questions about the ship you’ve booked, contact your agent before the cruise so that adjustments can be made before you embark…or if you find you have a question or if a problem develops while on the cruise.

Happy sailings!

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