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We love reviews…especially the unsolicited ones

This one about Del Staecker’s opus, TARD touched our hearts.

Here is the latest review on Amazon by James Freeman, who is an exceptional painter living in Florida who met Del years ago in Lancaster.

“Del Staecker's book TARD is brilliantly written and highly original. Hooked in instantly, I enjoyed the entire arc of the story, from start to finish and was sad to run out of book at the end, though thoroughly satisfied with the conclusion. The beautiful, complex architecture of the plot was unlike anything I've read before - a most refreshing and intellectually stimulating ride as a spectator given a bird's eye view through an unconventional main character. The characters, their inner thoughts, their struggles, and their interactions come from a writer who clearly has great depth of understanding of human nature, empathy and metamorphic navigation of various academic disciplines. When the author riffed deep with the poetry of description and analogy, there was nothing superfluous or distracting - only heartfelt and right-on good. I reread a number of passages just to savor them before moving on. It is a "movie-able" masterpiece well worth your time....this is art.”

NOTE: Author of TARD, selected as an UNDERRATED READS "Our Best" and described as a "literary gem" and "A MUST READ!"

TARD was also a Finalist in the 2022 TAZ awards out of Pittsburgh.

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