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Never Made a Comic? Start Now!

I recently learned of a type of illustration exercise, they draw their life in little comics! It is not an illustration they would sell or make money from, it is a visual diary aimed to practice composition, character form, and facial expressions.

To be very clear, I have never made a comic in my life before these drawings. I read some super hero comics when I was a kid and maybe dabbled in the Archy comics but I was never one to wait in line for the next edition of a Marvel comic to be released.

I want to be good at making comics so here it is! One of the inspirations for this little comic series I am going to be doing is about my current relationship. It has been fun capturing some of my favorite moments with my handsome man. And it has stretched my knowledge of gesture and facial expressions! Their will be plenty of moments to tease at one another through these comics, stay tuned!

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