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My Life As A Giant by Red Engine Press author Steve Tindall

Sometimes magic knocks on my door and I let it in without out realizing just how special the end result will be. Steve Tindall came to us through one of our most beloved and prolific Red Engine Press authors, Joe Campolo, Jr. Like Joe, Steve is a Vietnam Vet and author who is dedicated to veteran activities. However, he took a step sideways with this delightful children’s book about being tall. His tale about fitting his giant proportions into a world designed for folks much shorter is the mirror image of mine where everything is designed for someone much taller. Partnered with talented Fort Smith artist Aaron Ray, the tale reminds us that “different” can be a synonym for “especially amazing.”

Available from Steve himself or Amazon or our Red Engine Press friendly bookstores “Bookish” in Fort Smith, Arkansas or “Chapters on Main” in Van Buren, Arkansas. Also most bookstores will order it from Ingram at your request. If you want to buy directly from Steve and get his autograph, contact me in the comments below. Great stocking stuffer whether you are tall or short or in between.

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