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Losing a Treasured Resource…

When I came back to Fort Smith in 2017, the amount of resources available to an author who focuses mostly on Historical Fiction blew me away. First off, there are many people dedicated to preserving this information and they are incredibly generous with their time and their knowledge. These folks are fun to work with and have made my life richer and my work better.

One of these people, Dusty Helbling, I never met in person. However, I chatted with him on Facebook and he always taught me something. He was gracious, charming and focused. Tom Wing and I appreciated the reams of information Dusty provided that we used in “Julia and Maud.”

Unfortunately, the world lost this universally-cherished scholar on October the 12th, 2023. On November the 8th, an eclectic group of scholars, historians and authors gathered at the Fort Smith National Cemetery to witness the final salute to him and to offer our own best wishes for Dusty’s next journey. And to marvel at his many accomplishments listed on this obituary below.

Here’s to a life well-lived. Bon Voyage, Dusty! I hope to see you on the other side.

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