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How well do they know you?

The other day I was hanging out with a new friend...... as we laughed and discussed the dynamics of our citytown... (Fort Smith---which I refer to as a citytown, because it has that hometown feel and a small city vibe).... anyway, he reaches in his bag and pulls out a gift for me!, what a giddy feeling to receive gifts on a very hot unsuspecting July day....for no reason at all, other than the fact that, perhaps he thinks you're pretty cool and yall both have lofty dreams for a better world (or a more enchanting Arkansas, at the least).

Well, the most important part of this tale, is that the gift was a book, yes a book!

Now, who absolutely adores the feel of a hard cover book, striking fonts, with soft but sturdy pages and a vivid front cover image.....? Me!!....thats who...

Once I arrived home and began to do a tactile overview of my book--gift and reading the kindly crafted note, he had handwritten on the inside of the cover, I started to ponder the thought of how many of our friends old or new, really pay attention to us well enough to realize that gifting a book makes someone like myself, feel all warm and fuzzy inside and how the mere fact of sowing a book into a persons life can reveal that you "see" and know them very well....

So to all those book lovers out attention to your holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and even, overly humid summer days, when you receive a present from a friend; how much does the given object reveal to you, that the giver has been attentive to your conversations, observant to what brings you joy and recognized, that books are truly food for your literary soul.

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