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Book Review — A Novel Approach to Writing your First Book by Jack Woodville London

Many books have been written on how to write a novel. Although writing method is

an individual decision, A Novel Approach to Writing your First Book (or your Best One) by Jack Woodville London helps writers sort out the steps to focus on if they are either just beginning as a book writer or just want an extra shove.

The book is divided into five parts: Mechanics, research, story arc, characters, and editing.

Mechanics deals with sentence structure, paragraphs, whether or not to use the spell checker, and subordinate clauses. It also alerts writers to be serious about their writing.

Research discusses research and accuracy, how to advance your research, and how to plan the story.

Story Arc addresses the art of storytelling, beginnings, conflict, and pacing. It also delves into chapter endings.

Characters teaches how to write good characters, develop conflict, describe scenes, and write dialogue.

The final chapter tells how to successfully edit your work.

London has produced a very helpful book for writers that’s an excellent reference for an author’s library. Get one and mark it up.

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