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Angela Covey, Fort Smith Little Theater Actress, Director…and legend.

This is the first of a series of interviews, photos and memories from Fort Smith Little Theater performers from the past and present, celebrating 75 years of hometown entertainment. These dedicated cast members…past and present…will also be appearing in the Fort Smith 2022 Fall Historical Society Journal.

First up is Angela Covey. She is charming, beautiful and full of energy. She also has lots of tales to tell and will appear in this blog several times in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

In this segment, the “Micki” that she refers to is my youngest sister, Micki Voelkel, who is also a long time performer at Fort Smith Little Theater…and over the course of our conversations, Angela has some great Micki stories to share. She also has warm feelings for Carole Rogers and Paula Sharum.

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